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Aquatech China Aug. 31st ~ Sep. 2nd, 2020, Shanghai

Author: Ms. Fan Fung ComeFrom: Marketing Dep.  Date:2020/9/10 10:11:12 Hits:752

Aquatech China was taken place from Aug. 31st to Sep. 2nd at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). 

Affected by the COVID-19, visitors were much less than usual and international visitors couldn't enter into China as border had been closed. We are here, praying for the whole world, wish this terrible pandemic will be over soon. 

Attended this exhibition with a new look of our stand, we demonstrated membranes from 1809 to 8040. All the visitors were very surprised and impressed about our 2012 which can yield 400GPD and our 3012 which can yield 1000GPD. 


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